Ready To Go Spacious 4 Bedroom Double Storey Homes in Melbourne

30SQ home Features
30 SQ Euroa Julez with Matrix Brick Feature
30 SQ Euroa Kori with Matrix Brick Feature

30sq 4 Bedroom Homes

This layout is tasteful and captivating, bringing love and joy to your family home. From the amazing family room to the open dining room, designer kitchen and spacious alfresco.  The 30 SQ plan combines maximum functionality and beauty to your home.

An excellent option for a large double storey family home. Plans can be flipped and change to suit land aspect.

Pick some land to suit this Build.

New pricing starts at $366,800 inc GST for Standard Inclusions. Or see the Upgraded Inclusions List.

30 SQ Euroa Naomi (Wood Feature)
Hawkeye Projects 30SQ home plan
Arramont Estate: Choose some land to go with your house.

Choose your house, choose your land
- it's that simple!

If your lot is at least 12.5m wide and 23-25m deep you can choose one our luxurious 30SQ 4 Bedroom homes to fit on it.

We can negotiate all land sales on your behalf and we can even organise knock-down rebuild and everything that comes along with it, such as permits and plans.