New Home Designs Melbourne

Hawkeye Projects offers a range of new homes, ready to go plans from our Architectural Designer, Creative Arch. We can also arrange to design any type of bespoke home project you like, small or large, simple or fancy.

Hawkeye Projects work with the best designers when designing your new home. You can bring in your own plans and architect, or you can work with our team from Creative Arch.

We work together seamlessly to bring together your whole building project and take care of all the steps along the way, including planning, council & building permits, licenses, insurance, town planning, project management; even interior design is included. We offer a one-stop shop for all of your new build requirements.

What are the advantages of using an Architectural Designer?

An Architectural Designer has the technical skills, knowledge and experience to ensure your vision becomes a reality. Designing and building without an architectural designer may seem to save you money up front. The hidden benefit is that an architectural designer adds value and may reduce the cost of your project by utilising their specialist skills.

What exactly is an Architectural Designer?

Experienced architects and interior designers (not the same as interior “decorators”) are qualified to create / design spaces that solve problems for homeowners. The primary way they do this is through spatial design and planning.

The architecture and design fields are both an art and a science. Our Architectural Designer, Rana Misho, has her Masters of Architecture from RMIT, and combines architecture skills with design skills, to bring unique style to your home.

Do you want to make the process really simple?

Hawkeye Projects offer a number of ready to go plans designed by Creative Arch. Ready to go plans save you time and money while giving you the look and feel of a quality designer home when building your new home.

Kallara Matrix Brick

18sq Homes

Echuca Stone Grey Render

23sq Homes

Euroa Koori Matrix

28sq Homes

Knock Down Rebuilds

If you absolutely love where you live but would like a sparkling new home, then you might like to consider a knock down rebuild. You can stay in the suburb you love, on the same block, with all your favourite shops, friends, parks, and restaurants nearby.

A Knock Down Rebuild offsets the cost of stamp duty on the land with demolition costs. You may also have sub-division opportunities available to you.

Knock Down Rebuild can be more cost effective than renovating your old home and saves all the drama involved. Renovations can be very expensive and can be fraught with many hidden problems, some of which cannot be fixed.

Hawkeye Projects are expert renovators, so make sure you book in for one of our home visits, to get the best advice before deciding on what to do with your home.

Hawkeye Projects makes it easy for you. We can arrange council approval, demolition, the design of your choice and the construction of your new dream home, even the landscaping…You just move in.

Our knock down rebuild specialist is available at your convenience to discuss the process and advise on the options available.