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VIDEO 1: The Exterior Cladding at Eden Park

Aaron Heaven from Hawkeye Projects here, I just wanted to take you through a particular job in Eden Park that we're doing, a combination of external claddings.

So we're doing a matrix cladding, brick work, and Colourbond cladding. So it's a real combination of different claddings that we're using on this particular job.

So I'll just sort of show you the what we're doing on the matrix side of things. And I'll take you through this process a little bit on how the matrix panel is installed.

Probably the most critical thing is getting your windows correctly installed. On this particular job. We don't want to have any trims going around the windows and in the matrix panel going up to the trim.

We want to tuck the matrix panel nice and neat. A nice neat panel up behind here, and then we've got a really really nice finish.It's just having those nice clean lines. So basically it's setting those windows correctly laid so that the matrix panel slides in behind and you create that look.

So basically you've got the James Hardie wrap here. Then you've got the baton, which is a fibre cement baton. And then you've got a special vapour barrier that's inside here that the baton sits into.

And then you've got a really cool trim, and it's an optional fixture that goes on the bottom that the matrix cladding comes and sits over the top. We've got this beautiful trim, you come around this side here you see this trim pouch all finished off and it looks really really cool.

These are unpainted 1800 panels. And these ones here, he's got two 1800s on this one. So it's a combination of 1800 panels and 600 panels depending on the size of the space.

Then there's a backing strip that goes in between these panels like this one here. And they've got some waterproofing and silicon that goes on the back of these. It's installed and the matrix panel goes over top.

And then it's up to your own discretion if you want to silicon these in later on. But if you're just to leave it like that, it's fine. It's waterproof, then it's, it's been installed to the manufacturer's specifications.

So this will get painted later for the clients colour. It's just a it's a really cool cladding.

So next when we do the Colourbond cladding, I'll show you guys around the other side and you can get a bit of an idea of where it's all at.

VIDEO 2: Our awesome Brickies at Eden Park

Just thought I'd show you the brick work at this job in Eden Park.

We've got our gun brick layers here, Mr Golden Trowel up there, a father and son team.

So there you go, there's the boys working away. Excellent bricks, bricklayers, quality tradesmen been in the industry.

So they're laying some great bricks at the moment. Just thought I'd give you a quick lowdown on the on the on the style of of bed joints that they're doing.

I haven't seen it for a while. Normally it's a rolled finished, but these guys are doing a raked finish, which hasn't been around for quite some time.

So we're doing it on this particular build. So I'll show you the actual job. You can see there it's a nice, nice clean, straight, sharp edge finish.

But you need to do it on a particular style of brick so it doesn't work with all bricks, but on this particular one, it works really well.So there you go. There's the brick laying at Eden Park.

VIDEO 3: Laying the foundations at Eden Park

We're at Eden Park again, I thought I'd bring you down here to show you the progress on this project thus far. So as you can see the last time last time I was here, I showed you the set out was was complete, ready for site cut and preparation for the drains.

So as you can see here now all the drains are in, we've progressed quite fast since last time we we posted this.

So all the drainage is in and the steel is just about all done. Everything's been cut, this is actually a, what they call the raft slab, which is a conventional slab. Bit of old school, nothing wrong with a bit of old school.

So basically, these areas through here that you can see they are normally on the new modern waffle slabs. This area I'm standing on here and you can see all these trenches and then they've utilised the ground to act as support for the slab.

And normally on waffle slabs what I'm standing on right now would be waffle. So look in my books it's probably a much better, a much better and stronger construction whether it's stronger. There's two schools of thought with that. But whether you waffle whether you raft, it doesn't really matter. Both are pretty good, but I just prefer raft slabs and a lot of clients prefer them.

We're just about done plastics in, steels just about complete then we've gotta continue all the way through here. This is a really big home.It's nearly a 50 Square home, so it's quite big. So we'll be pouring in the next couple of days.

We've already had a pre-slab inspection, which the inspector will come out, inspect all the trenches, make sure they're all, that they meet code and then we'll do a steel inspection.

He'll come through inspect all this steel, make sure it's all been installed correctly.And then we're right to pour. And so we'll be pouring on Thursday. So a couple more days and we'll have the slab poured and ready to frame. So we'll keep in the loop. 

VIDEO 4:  New Job Site at Eden Park 

I thought I'd take you out to this new site that we're building in Eden Park.

Beautiful place at the backs of North Melbourne. As you can see here we've just completed the set out and site cut.

And drains are going in this week.  We're just here today to do a bit of a check. Make sure all the levels are right.

We we keep moving towards drains this week. So I'll keep you posted on how things are going.