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VIDEO 1: Hidden Rooms with Bookcases, Hybrid Floors and our new showroom

Hi guys, welcome to Hawkeye Projects. Just thought I'd give you a little bit of an update what's happening with our new showroom, as you can see here. Hawkeye Projects. 
We've just moved into a new factory. We're decking out the showroom/gallery/inspiration room, however you want to call it. Yeah, we're all pretty excited. 
This is going to be pretty cool for people to come in and have a look at what we do.
But I just wanted to take you through and show you. We're laying some pretty cool flooring into our office area. And I just wanted to run that through with you. So come along, I'll take you through.
Here we've got Gavin over here. He's our installer. He's just he's just realised we've put him under the under pressure.
And we're doing a little bit of a video, there's Kath over there. She's paying all the bills. Hello Kath!
The gallery's gonna be over in that room over there. 
And we'll have a secret door that goes through a bookcase.
It's gonna look pretty cool and people will be pretty inspired when they come through this area. 
So at the moment Gavin is laying a hybrid floor
We're direct laying it straight onto the slab. Very very cool stuff. It's 6MM Gav?  
I'll take a little piece that he's just got here. Really cool stuff. Basically it's a 6MM hybrid flooring. 
Inside here is a limestone so basically this stuff is, we don't know the percentage of 
what stone it is but it is a stone. Waterproof, pretty much scratch proof.
Scratch proof waterproof, bulletproof!
Well I dunno about bulletproof. It's pretty cool stuff. It's got a rubber backing on it. 
It basically just gets laid directly to the slab, all kinds of different textures and really
really really really durable stuff. If you're gonna put this in your home,
or any flooring in your home, this is the stuff to put in. You wouldn't compromise with all this
laminate stuff. If you're on a really really tight budget still don't put it in your home. 
Save up the money and get some quality materials put into your home. That's what we're all about.
We build quality homes for people. We don't want someone to build something and then it falls apart within a couple of years. 
So we're really excited. We've got the showroom being built now and yeah, we we look forward to you guys coming down having a bit of a look at what we do. 
Have a good one guys. See you later.


Hey guys, welcome to Hawkeye Projects (Aaron here) thought I just give you a little update into into what we're doing today. 

Monday morning, sun's out, still chilly, but not too bad. So hopefully we'll have a great day. 

Just thought I'd  take you into this little tiny Reno that we're doing in Box Hill, just a two bedroom unit. And the owners are basically cleaning everything out at the moment. 

They using the one of our partners, the Taxi Box system to to remove all of their furniture and this company will take all their furniture away in a big Taxi Box, you know, you'll see one of the videos I just videoed, it's pretty cool. 

And then once they've cleaned all the stuff out, they'll bring the Taxi Box back again and and put it back in the house. So it's a it's a really cool way of getting a reno our done and still keeping all your things safe. So it's pretty cool. 

This particular one we're just doing, all it is we're just removing all the flooring, all the carpet is going to come out of here. 

It's very, very old and in bad need of some attention. So we're going bring the boys in and rip all this carpet out. It's a slab floor, the slab seems fairly flat, which is good, there won't be much self-levelling to do. But if it is required, then then we'll do it. 

And then we're going to lay what they call a hybrid floor. And it's an eight millimetre, and it's a stone based compound. It's quite flexible. 

It's waterproof, it's scratch proof, and it looks awesome. And you know, when it comes to all the engineered floors, and all the stuff that comes out of China, and all this stuff that comes from all different parts of the world, this stuff here is Aussie made for one, and supports jobs here in Australia. And that's what we need to start doing now is supporting our own and putting some work back into this country. So that's what we're doing. We want to support local jobs and get industry happening back into our country. 

So we're starting on this job. So yeah, it's called hybrid flooring. And if you guys if you wants to want to know more about it, give me a call. 

I'm more than happy to give you the lowdown on it, but it's awesome stuff and will probably set this particular flooring as a standard in our business in all of our designs. So yeah, I'll take some heavy snaps when we're done and take another video and go from there. Have a good day.

VIDEO 3: Why we love TaxiBox

We just love a TaxiBox, it's such a great storage solution which you can store securely at your home or on your nature strip or you can store it onsite at TaxiBox.

It's so easy to just move part of your house contents out of your home while you are extending or renovating. If you book a renovation or extension with Hawkeye Projects your TaxiBox will be included for you*. *Conditions apply.

Book in for a chat with Aaron Heaven to talk about your Renovation, Extension or new home build. Call Aaron any time on 0499 023 243.

VIDEO 4: Land and New Homes in Melbourne's Northern Suburbs

Hi guys, it's Aaron from Hawkeye Projects

I really appreciate you visiting my landing page, I thought I'd put together a video for you. So you've got a bit more of an idea of who you're dealing with, if you decide to schedule an appointment.

I've been a builder for more than 20 years, progressing from being on the tools to eventually owning my own construction company. 

So I actually have a real passion for building and it honestly comes out in our builds.

Just up the back of our office here are the Northern Suburbs and they are genuinely booming.

 There is literally land as far as the eye can see. And we've got access to all of it. 

We've got some fantastic deals happening with all of our developers up there. So jump on now. 

We've got five awesome designs. You can see on our website there, what kind of designs they are, they have some fantastic features, and we've even got some really cool cottage homes that will fit onto eight and 10 meter blocks.

They're lovely cottage homes, beautifully designed and we've even got colours all sorted for you as well. So if you don't really want to go through the colour process, then we can help you with that too. 

It's all about maximum return with minimal cost. So it's all about where you invest the money into your home. 

We've got some fantastic trades, all qualified, and we're ready to build straight away for you guys. So just touch base with us on the link below. And you'll probably end up getting through to me so I'm more than happy to have a chat to you and discuss your needs. Look forward to catching up with you.

VIDEO 5: The Exterior Cladding at Eden Park

Aaron Heaven from Hawkeye Projects here, I just wanted to take you through a particular job in Eden Park that we're doing, a combination of external claddings.

So we're doing a matrix cladding, brick work, and Coloubond cladding. So it's a real combination of different claddings that we're using on this particular job.

So I'll just sort of show you the what we're doing on the matrix side of things. And I'll take you through this process a little bit on how the matrix panel is installed.

Probably the most critical thing is getting your windows correctly installed. On this particular job. We don't want to have any trims going around the windows and in the matrix panel going up to the trim.

We want to tuck the matrix panel nice and neat. A nice neat panel up behind here, and then we've got a really really nice finish.It's just having those nice clean lines. So basically it's setting those windows correctly laid so that the matrix panel slides in behind and you create that look.

So basically you've got the James Hardie wrap here. Then you've got the baton, which is a fibre cement baton. And then you've got a special vapour barrier that's inside here that the baton sits into.

And then you've got a really cool trim, and it's an optional fixture that goes on the bottom that the matrix cladding comes and sits over the top. We've got this beautiful trim, you come around this side here you see this trim pouch all finished off and it looks really really cool.

These are unpainted 1800 panels. And these ones here, he's got two 1800s on this one. So it's a combination of 1800 panels and 600 panels depending on the size of the space.

Then there's a backing strip that goes in between these panels like this one here. And they've got some waterproofing and silicon that goes on the back of these. It's installed and the matrix panel goes over top.

And then it's up to your own discretion if you want to silicon these in later on. But if you're just to leave it like that, it's fine. It's waterproof, then it's, it's been installed to the manufacturer's specifications.

So this will get painted later for the clients colour. It's just a it's a really cool cladding.

So next when we do the Colourbond cladding, I'll show you guys around the other side and you can get a bit of an idea of where it's all at.

VIDEO 6: Laying the foundations at Eden Park

We're at Eden Park again, I thought I'd bring you down here to show you the progress on this project thus far. So as you can see the last time last time I was here, I showed you the set out was was complete, ready for site cut and preparation for the drains.

So as you can see here now all the drains are in, we've progressed quite fast since last time we we posted this.

So all the drainage is in and the steel is just about all done. Everything's been cut, this is actually a, what they call the raft slab, which is a conventional slab. Bit of old school, nothing wrong with a bit of old school.

So basically, these areas through here that you can see they are normally on the new modern waffle slabs. This area I'm standing on here and you can see all these trenches and then they've utilised the ground to act as support for the slab.

And normally on waffle slabs what I'm standing on right now would be waffle. So look in my books it's probably a much better, a much better and stronger construction whether it's stronger. There's two schools of thought with that. But whether you waffle whether you raft, it doesn't really matter. Both are pretty good, but I just prefer raft slabs and a lot of clients prefer them.

We're just about done plastics in, steels just about complete then we've gotta continue all the way through here. This is a really big home.It's nearly a 50 Square home, so it's quite big. So we'll be pouring in the next couple of days.

We've already had a pre-slab inspection, which the inspector will come out, inspect all the trenches, make sure they're all, that they meet code and then we'll do a steel inspection.

He'll come through inspect all this steel, make sure it's all been installed correctly.And then we're right to pour. And so we'll be pouring on Thursday. So a couple more days and we'll have the slab poured and ready to frame. So we'll keep in the loop. 

VIDEO 7: Our awesome Brickies at Eden Park

Just thought I'd show you the brick work at this job in Eden Park.

We've got our gun brick layers here, Mr Golden Trowel up there, a father and son team.

So there you go, there's the boys working away. Excellent bricks, bricklayers, quality tradesmen been in the industry.

So they're laying some great bricks at the moment. Just thought I'd give you a quick lowdown on the on the on the style of of bed joints that they're doing.

I haven't seen it for a while. Normally it's a rolled finished, but these guys are doing a raked finish, which hasn't been around for quite some time.

So we're doing it on this particular build. So I'll show you the actual job. You can see there it's a nice, nice clean, straight, sharp edge finish.

But you need to do it on a particular style of brick so it doesn't work with all bricks, but on this particular one, it works really well.So there you go. There's the brick laying at Eden Park.

VIDEO 8: Why you should book a pre-purchase inspection when buying or selling a home. 

Are you selling a home and want to get it inspected? Hi guys, I'm Aaron Heaven from Hawkeye Projects and today I just wanted to let you know how important it is to get your home inspected even when you're the party selling the home.

By having your home inspected with a vendor inspection, you're giving your potential buyers peace of mind that your home is in tip top shape.

Especially if you've done renovations in the home, it's good to let the buyers know that a quality renovation has been done and not just a quick flip and paint job.

Structural integrity of the home is the number one thing to check. Just because it looks new and fresh on the inside does not mean that its structural issues have been addressed. So be proud and take ownership of the renovations you've completed by providing an independent inspection of your home.

So guys, today we're in the northern suburbs of Bundoora (Melbourne). We've been called to an inspection by a vendor. They're thinking about putting their property on the market and they want to provide a pre-purchase inspection for potential buyers.

So we're going to take you guys through this inspection and show you a few things to look out for. And just give the potential buyers the heads up on things that could be wrong with the property, and the vendor as well.

So we'll take you guys through and you can have a look at what we see.

Okay guys, we're in the kitchen meals area of the home. And I thought I'd just bring this area here to your attention.

Basically, when the original owners bought the home, it was only a year old. They never saw this massive hump in the middle of the family area. This is a slab issue.

This is not a this is not something that's happened over time. This was part of the build, and when they were pouring the slab and leveling it all off, they didn't screed this area properly, which has now formed a hump and then they've just tiled straight out of the top of it.

So now that the owners thinking of selling the home, you know people are going to come through and it could be, you know, someone's going to see this bow on the floor. And potentially they'll freak out and "oh my god, this is this is a problem".

It's not a major drama, it hasn't got any structural issue it's more of a cosmetic thing but it's a bow in the floor and it doesn't look very good.

So there's quite a few ways to get this fixed if you're wanting to grind and you can grind the floor down and get it flat and then self level.

There are ways of fixing this up but it's an area of the home that should have been inspected when they first bought the home.

So if they had have inspected it when they first bought the home then they would have been advised that this is this could be an added expense into the buying process.

So yeah, just thought I'd point this area out to you.

Okay, guys, we've just come up into the into the top level into the bathroom, main bathroom of the home. This is a perfect example right here.

Of some major issues that could be a problem later on down the track if left and super expensive. Wet areas can be really expensive to fix up, if they haven't been done correctly from the beginning.

So this is a can of worms, this could be waterproofing, it could be something wrong with the piping that's allowing a leak to come through the back of the tiles, and through into this area down here.

You can see here that if I push on here, it's really, really soft. So there's definitely water getting into this area here, you can see that the tiles have actually dropped a little bit as well.

So this corner is a problem. To fix this would require removing this section. It's trial and error with these kinds of things because it's it could be a myriad of problems. All right.

So it's not just one particular thing, as I said before, could be waterproofing, holes in pipes, could be a shower screen, could be the silicon around this shower screen may not be sealed properly in the waters just coming straight through as you're splashing water onto the glass.

And that would be your best case scenario if it was that you definitely don't to have holes in pipes in walls and defective waterproofing.

When we go through our training for builders, for our builder's license, waterproofing is a major, major area that they focus on and you need to be certified when you're laying waterproofing.

So it's very very important to get this area right when you're building a home and when you're inspecting a home to really focus on these areas. Yeah, just something to really really look out for.

So guys, we're just doing an inspection in the garage. Important area, especially for the blokes. I thought I'd just point out this little area here. This is an articulation joint in the garage, and they have to have these intervals all the way around the home, for movement.

So this one here they missed out, they put the actual foam in the articulation joint they missed out the caulking.

So it's very important, this is a finishing thing. I'm surprised it was even passed when the home was built.

So normally when you do your final approvals, a building survey will come through the home, check it out, make sure it's ready for certificate of occupancy and this is not a passable item.

So this area here would had to have been finished before the owners are given their certificate of occupancy.

So all it is it's just a caulking bead will go all the way through here and that will assist in the movement of the house. Okay, so houses have to move, they're going to move around, so that was missing. So I thought I would just point that out.

VIDEO 9:  New Job Site at Eden Park 

I thought I'd take you out to this new site that we're building in Eden Park.

Beautiful place at the backs of North Melbourne. As you can see here we've just completed the set out and site cut.

And drains are going in this week.  We're just here today to do a bit of a check. Make sure all the levels are right.

We we keep moving towards drains this week. So I'll keep you posted on how things are going. 

VIDEO 10: Craigieburn Project

Hi guys welcome to Hawkeye projects thought I'd take you through one of the one of our sites here at Craigieburn. 27 Hanson Road.  If you want to come down and have a look one day, how are we going about things you're more than welcome.

Just give me a call on the on the front banner (0499 023 243) and I'm more than happy to come down and talk you through and we how we go about things

Come with me. As you can see we've just completed the cut. All the retaining walls have been completed now as you can see all the way around with Aggie lines,

drainage going through the back of the retaining walls and the fences are are all going up and around as well

All of our trades or a qualified tradesmen and have been in the industry a very very long time

We don't have anyone else on our sites that are unqualified or not up to up to doing the work.

I'll just take you over to to our retaining walls.  As you can see here that

they are a H channel steel Galvanised steel.

Each hole has been bored into the into the ground ranging anywhere from half a meter to to 1800 deep.

Which is quite deep. This is a very clay type soil, quite a solid ground but we still needed to go in that deep to to retain this much soil as you can see it's quite a high area of soil to retain and has to be done correctly.

All the approvals that were required for the holes and engineering had to be done and inspected prior to pouring the concrete in these retaining walls

so there's actually quite a bit of work that goes into the groundwork

of construction prior to even building anything.

So these works are the absolute  most critical works to get right, you get all this right and everything else will flow.

As you can see here the guys are doing the underground power

I always like to get these guys in and and get their works out of the way

and it's all completed and done that way and it's easy for them to do their works.

Down here we've got the qualified Chippies day and they're giving us a bit of a wave

and have been absolutely fantastic and They're the ones that have done all these retaining walls and all this fencing.

Again they just qualified carpenters that really really know what they're doing.

What else can I show you?

So basically the setup has been completed as well. You can see here these are finished four levels here. You can see all the all the levels that have been established here all the lines, our marking points.

Without those, drains can’t go in and and people don't know where to put the slab,  and the positioning of the drains, so it pretty much all starts from here.

so that's about it. So yeah,

I'll keep you updated.