HAWKEYE Projects together with our team of Architects, Interior Designers and Finance Experts bring you a complete home extension and renovation package.

Our simple 4 step process is designed for YOU.

Simple, easy and effective.

Have you started to outgrow your home?

Feels like the kids are going to hang around forever?

Is your home still stuck in the 70s, 80s or 90s and it’s time for a 2020 refresh? You wouldn’t believe what you can do to your home these days, with automation, innovation, clean, green initiatives. The list goes on, have a complimentary meeting with us about the things possible in your budget to make your home 2020 ready.

HawekeyProjects_4Walls_OutdatedHomeNeedRenovation HawkeyeProjects_4Walls_NeedNewKitchen

Times are changing, and moving to a newer suburb is just not appealing or affordable for most people. You don’t want to move further away, you love where you live; if only you had a bit more space and a fresh new feel.

How would you like to do all this, with little or no cash outlay, using the equity in your home?

With property values having risen so much in the past years, it’s now time to capitalise on your family home. You may feel like you’re cash poor, but you may find you are equity rich, enabling you the finances to invest in capital improvements on your home.


At 4 Walls Plus More, our first step is to get you talking to our finance team, to find the ways to finance your dream renovation, extension or knock down rebuild.

Moving can be very expensive, but for the cost of stamp duty on a new home, you could be renovating the home you already own to make it a home you love and want to live in for another 20 or 30 years.

Have a pre-qualifying chat with our Finance team, to find out what’s possible for your dream home project.



So you’ve decided to take the next step and your finances are sitting well! Great!

The next step is our Concept stage. This is where we start to map out what you want, from drawings to, plans, 3D tours, materials, sustainability options, you name it, we map it out. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got any ideas at all yet, or even if you’ve done a drawing in your favourite texta.

Our expert design team will help you come up with a conceptual plan to suit your desires and manage your budget. First we come and visit you at home to see what you’ve got and what can be made possible with the space on your land and existing 4 walls.

HawkeyeProjects_4Walls_ConceptStage_HanddrawnPlan HawkeyeProjects_4walls_ConceptStage

We know what’s possible, from an engineering and architectural point of view, and we’ll come up with ideas that you never even thought possible. Once we’ve worked out your plans and come up with one that you love, we work out the total costs, approve the budget with the finance team, then it’s off to planning.

Work completed during this stage.

  • Checking building and planning overlays
  • Site analysis (including, easements, titles, building regulations etc)
  • Site / Neighbourhood assessment. Our team physically come to your address, to make all on site assessments, including checking the existing dwelling and your neighbourhood layout.
  • Your ideas, needs and wants put onto paper to create rough drawings/ drafting
  • Concept Drawings
  • Preliminary pricing.


So the finances are set. The concepts are finished, now it’s time for you relax while we get to work on the planning. This the is the stage, where if you were building on your own, where it can get really messy, if you haven’t had the experience before. From town planning, to engineering, to working plans, to council approvals, certificates, insurance and registrations…. It’s a minefield.

There’s a whole bunch of work that goes on in the background and frankly we don’t want you worrying about it. This is all a part of the 4 Walls Plus More promise, the plus more is made so simple for you, without anything to worry about.

HawkeyeProects_4Walls_PlanningStage3a HawkeyeProjects_newkitchendesign

At this time we also come up with the working schedule and timeline, and work within your family schedule too, and let you know what you can expect at each stage of the project. Once all the plans and paperwork are completed, construction can begin.

Work complete during this stage.

  • Architectural / Engineering drawings completed
  • Full specifications for the project including external building materials
  • Colour and interiors material specifications
  • Final Budget
  • Town planning / building approvals
  • Contract signed and deposit paid.


You’ve worked with our finance team, Architect, Builder and your designs are set in place. Now the fun begins for our registered building team, and they get their turn in the project, and they get to start building! 4 Walls plus more and our qualified team are about to make your extension dreams a reality, and as we are all about making this easy of you, you only have to deal with one person from the start…

One person as your liaison, to let you know scheduling and project stages, every step of the way. It’s part of our commitment to you, part of the “plus more” promise.

HawkeyeProjects_AboutUs_RHC Hawkeye Projects Protects your privacy.

Before you know it your job is done, you have had your new home styled by our stylist, and you are ready to live your life again in your new beautiful home, without the hassles so many people face when renovating or extending.

4 Walls Plus More… Giving you the confidence to renovate, extend and restore.

Work completed during this stage.

  • Set construction timeline and schedule
  • Coordination of your family schedule
  • You meet your client liaison officer and building team.
  • Commence construction – with regular construction progress updates.
  • Building surveyor / Engineer approvals completed on project.
  • Interior design and styling
  • Your project is complete.

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